The search for a small sofa

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I’ve never bought a sofa before — I married into one. It’s never fully yours, but you know, $$$, so you keep it. Now that we’ve got more space, this inherited sofa is moving into the den, and I’m searching for a … Continued

Exterior Before-and-Progress Photos

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Today, I looked at Google Maps and saw that it had updated the street view of our house. When I saw it, I was a little taken aback because the former street view was so… unbecoming. To date we have: … Continued

Backyard Retreat, take 2

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Last time I left you, we had moved from unmanaged foliage to managed foliage: a greenish yard, a flourishing garden and tiny fruit trees that are trying so hard to be big trees. This would probably almost be enough for … Continued

Backyard Retreat, part 1

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I didn’t walk through our backyard for the first year we owned the house. Seriously. Sometimes I tiptoed down the back steps but I didn’t really creep past that spot. It was just so overgrown and unknown out there in … Continued

Shotgun Floorplans

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Yesterday we walked through the Shotgun House Tour. It was awesome to see how creative people can be with floorplans of a narrow rectangular house with no original hallways. Most of the show homes were four-bay (former doubles converted to … Continued

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