Backyard Retreat, take 2

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The M/M team doing useful things.

Last time I left you, we had moved from unmanaged foliage to managed foliage: a greenish yard, a flourishing garden and tiny fruit trees that are trying so hard to be big trees.

This would probably almost be enough for Matt–an urban maker’s oasis where he can carefully prune for hours and discover new mechanical systems to deploy. (aside: a reel push mower is his latest toy).

I, however, am seeking a party oasis. Dancing around in my head were images of string lights glowing in the dark, the smell of a charcoal grill wafting, the buzz of an outdoor fan cutting through the summer humidity and the sound of cornhole being played competitively.

photo 6
Dream realized.

So Matt’s dad/my dad-in-law, Mark, came to visit for the weekend, and he just so happens to have skills. Really useful skills to complete meaningful projects, such as wiring the pergola with electricity. On Friday, they got busy, and when I arrived home from work they showed me how they had added an electrical box near the top of the pergola so that I can hang my string lights with ease. SO thoughtful, right? They also put in an on/off lever in the pergola and wired up a box in the top/center to hang a regular light fixture.

I dragged (drug? drugged?) a friend to Lowe’s the next morning so that we could procure the light for this space. She pointed at the perfect arts/crafts style outdoor fan and light, and we excitedly brought it home.

And then the M/M team dropped the bomb that it was not wired for a fan. Back (and dejected) the fan went to Lowe’s…. until….

Despite Lowe’s not having the appropriate outdoor box to protect the fan’s electrical components from the elements, Matt and Mark decided they could create one so that we could put in that perfect fan/light combo. And then they re-wired it. Skills, right? Like I said.

So I did get the fan afterall. (Purchase–>Return–>Purchase all in one day. If I wasn’t on it before, I am probably/definitely flagged on the list now.)

We’re in progress, but the string lights came today, and I just couldn’t wait to show you! Next up: replacing the roof for the pergola, attaching the fan, cleaning up the mess and throwing a party!

photo 5photo 22photo 10

September update: Our grass is green and flourishing like nobody’s business.
Our table is now positioned in the pergola, but we’ve yet to use it. Something about 102 heat index makes you run for the air conditioning. Anyhow, we await the cooler fall months to entertain in our backyard!