Kitchen-mashup1The kitchen, well, this was fun. We had much to learn about cabinet sizes, rough in dimensions for appliances and what not, but still, this felt like one of the most creative parts of the whole project. Plus, we knew (or at least hoped) we’d spend a lot of time in the kitchen with friends, so we wanted to get it right. I probably went through two notebooks of paper drawing out the kitchen cabinets, and I probably measured the dimensions of the room 30+ times just to make sure I had it right.

This kitchen was constructed where the old bathroom and bedroom used to be, because we wanted to move the kitchen toward the front of the house. Doing so allowed us to gain a larger public space and a more private area for the bedrooms.

Again, we chose white subway tile for the love of the period, and we wanted white Shaker cabinets that were similar to the original cabinets in the house. The original base cabinets turned into our kitchen island and the cypress counter top is original to the house. Our carpenter added a smaller piece to create the overhang, and Matt stained and finished both to look the same age. It looks nearly perfect, but there’s a small seam between the two pieces if you look very closely.

We ordered “ready to assemble” cabinets from Cabinet Giant. This helped us keep the cost to less than half of what ordering cabinets from one of the big box stores would have cost. These cabinets are solid wood, so we felt good about their construction and durability. We did have to assemble the cabinets ourselves, but with the help of a good friend who had done it before, we fortunately remained largely free of arguments through this process.

The vent hood is IKEA Luftig. The maple pot rack is J.K. Adams from Crate and Barrel. The open shelving came unfinished from Etsy, and Matt added polyurethane to protect them from water.