Painting the Clawfoot

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IMG_7847I’ve been loving black and white vintage bathrooms and have been wistfully thinking that we could have incorporated black into the fixtures more. Alas, I still love our white vintage modern bathroom, but when it came to the clawfoot tub, I seized the opportunity to move from the all white spectrum and introduce color (or no color if we’re being technical).

IMG_7848After Matt did a super-pro job sanding the clawfoot tub in the backyard (appropriately fitted with a facemask), it was reinstalled and then we primed it with white. It stayed that way for a few months until, in a frenzy of inspiration, I retrieved the black Rustoleum paint in semi-gloss from the shed. For a smooth finish, I used 6″ foam rollers. When we use oil based paint on foam rollers, we just toss the rollers when we’re done with the project.

Here’s some more photos of the “After:”

IMG_7868IMG_7853 IMG_7869