The search for a small sofa

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I’ve never bought a sofa before — I married into one. It’s never fully yours, but you know, $$$, so you keep it. Now that we’ve got more space, this inherited sofa is moving into the den, and I’m searching for a sofa for our front room. We’ve got a small living room, and we’re in need of a *small* apartment-sized sofa or a loveseat. (I say *small* because many of the apartment-sized sofas are still 75″ or wider, which isn’t my idea of small.)

When I started the search, I was simply looking for something that looked good. Then, enter Houzz message boards about the various types of construction, and my head started swimming with information about springs, coils, down cushions, foam cushions, made in the USA fabric vs. everything else.

The sofa contenders

The most beautiful Marler Apartment Sofa by Hickory Chair
  1. I found the most beautiful apartment sofa (the Marler Apartment sofa by Hickory Chair), but unfortunately, it costs $3,500+ and we’re just not in the market for a high-end sofa with a toddler and a baby on the way. I found some good-looking, USA-made low-end sofas but was scared away from plywood construction. If we’re going to spend $1,000+ and get something that may not last, we may as well spend a bit more and get something that will.

So ultimately, here’s the short list of loveseats or apartment sofas that we’re considering: (These are all less than $2,000 and made with hardwood frames in the USA)

  1. Holmes Sofa by Room and Board. It comes in three widths, we’re looking at the 69″ wide version.
  2. Basel Sofa by Roger+Chris. This tight-back English armroll sofa is beautiful, classic, well-made and under $2,000. It comes in six (!!!) lengths and three depths. I like a more firm, upright sofa, so a shorter depth is perfect. We’re looking at the 63″ loveseat.
  3. The English Arm Tightback Loveseat by Cococo Home. Very similar (the same?) as the Basel Sofa, it comes in 5 lengths and 3 depths. We’re looking at the 66″ width.
The Apartment Sofa or Loveseat Contenders in the search for a stylish, small sofa: The Basel Sofa by Roger+Chris | The English Arm Roll Sofa by Cococo Home | The Holmes Sofa by Room and Board