New LayoutOriginal LayoutIt started as a standard double shotgun (shorthand for two side-by-side units in the same house, typically a mirror image of the other, with no hallways). Like most, the kitchens were in the back which required a pass through the bedroom on the way to grab a drink. Every. time.

Original Layout

Check out that bathroom in the center that breaks up the house. The dotted orange line demonstrates the walking path through the house. Our issues: Bedrooms not private. Kitchen in the rear. Poor air flow. (Illustrations not to scale.)

New Layout

Our goal was to open up the public space and to make the bedrooms more private. The solution was to take the rear two rooms from the rental side so that traffic didn’t pass through the bedrooms. Traffic now passes down the exterior side of the house, also creating a nice line of air from the front door to the back door. Many thanks to our friend, Doug, who helped us with the layout.