Master Bath 3I was so excited about this bathroom. We had been picking finishes that were true to the original period, but this bathroom was where we decided to deviate a bit. I was inspired by Restoration Hardware bathrooms that were well-over our price limit, so this was our inspired knock off.

Originally, each side only had one bathroom, so this bathroom was a new addition. We put it where the old kitchen used to be. As construction went, we couldn’t really take photos of the various phases because they flipped it so quickly, so we only have the really early stages, when it was being framed (viewed from the outside) and the afters (viewed from the inside).Master Bath 4

When the bathroom got framed in, it was one foot shorter than we expected. This was a BIG last-minute problem, and we had to frantically change the layout, shower choice, etc. It’s a bit smaller than we imagined, but it’s been perfect for two of us.