436 bedroom flooringWhen we viewed our house (pre-purchase), the bedroom on this side of the house had smelly carpet. Even before making an offer, we dreamed of the moment we could start tearing that nasty old carpet out. We envisioned, with the seller’s help, the beautiful hardwood floors that lay beneath.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Underneath those carpets lay tile. Then surprise, plywood! Followed by more tile. When Matt painstakingly scraped off all the tile, we found original hardwood floors, covered in black tar. See the photo of the many layers of flooring.


Originally, there were two rooms after this bedroom on the rental side. However, we took the back two rooms off the rental side to make into our bedrooms on the owner’s side (giving us an L-shaped layout on our side). Now, this bedroom is the last room on the rental side, and this bedroom shares a wall with a bedroom on our side. Again, here’s the layout.B-A-436-bedroom


We also needed somewhere to put clothes, because in a house this old, there were no built-in closets in the bedrooms. Because this room shares a wall with a bedroom on the owner’s side, we could kill two birds with one stone! We constructed a wall two feet into this rental bedroom and split it into two — one closet for this bedroom and one closet for the bedroom on the owner’s side.