436 bedroom flooringWhen we viewed our house (pre-purchase), the bedroom on this side of the house had smelly carpet. Even before making an offer, we dreamed of the moment we could start tearing that nasty old carpet out. We envisioned, with the seller’s help, the beautiful hardwood floors that lay beneath.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

Underneath those carpets lay tile. Then surprise, plywood! Followed by more tile. When Matt painstakingly scraped off all the tile, we found original hardwood floors, covered in black tar.

We also needed somewhere to put our clothes, because in a house this old, there were no built-in closets in the bedrooms. We decided on the IKEA Pax system and used BlueBag to install the wardrobe.

Bedroom before and afterFor the walls, we wanted a grayish blue and chose Behr Manhattan Mist.

In Project Apartment (Chapter 3), we build in a closet and close off the kitchen. Another sidenote: you’ll notice in The Renovation: Chapter 2 that our master bedroom looks pretty much the same — we loved it so much we didn’t really want to change anything! We did choose a slightly more true gray and less blue-gray color for the walls. In Chapter 3, this becomes the renter’s side bedroom.